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Five months post-stroke, my husband had still been having hand spasms, always when he yawned, but at other times as well. He spent a lot of time with his hand on a heating pad. After only a couple nights of using the P2 mode of the SaeboStim Micro, he was surprised to find he no longer had the spasms when yawning, and very few during the day. We are hoping for more improvement as time goes by, but the SaeboStim Micro has been a wonderful success already!

The first day after the removal of the clot, he was able to make a fist with his left (affected) hand. Soon after, he wasn't able to make a fist, and then couldn't open the hand, either. The hand has improved greatly with therapy, particularly with what we've done at home; but, although he can open his hand and touch his fingers with his thumb, he still cannot close it all the way into a fist, and he was having a LOT of cramping that made him want to use a heating pad.
Since using the SaeboStim Micro, that cramping has stopped, and one morning, for a short time, he was able to actually close his fist! All other times he says it feels like something is going to break if he closes it any tighter. We're really hoping for that, although we're more than pleased about the help for the spasms and think it's well worth using it for just that. :)

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