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Are you interested in combining other evidence-based products with your SaeboStretch? If you have already purchased the SaeboStretch resting hand splint, or are thinking about purchasing it, this video will help explain why many of our Saebo Family members are boosting their hand recovery by combining the SaeboStretch and SaeboStim Micro, an electrical stimulation machine, to improve hand and arm recovery.

SaeboStretch: Resting Hand Splint to Prevent Pain & Damage

The SaeboStretch is a resting hand splint that was designed to comfortably stretch your hand and fingers while safely protecting the joints. Most splints on the market are hard and rigid, causing extra pressure at the finger joints throughout the day.

The SaeboStretch includes a flexible hand component that allows the fingers to move and stretch comfortably and results in less pain and possible joint damage.

What makes this product unique is the hand plate allows the fingers to curl when spasticity increases and assists the fingers back to a safe resting position when it decreases.

SaeboStim Micro: Sensory Electrical Stimulation Machine

The SaeboStim Microis our sensory electrical stimulation machine. It provides low-level sensory electrical stimulation to your hand and arm using specialized electro-mech garments and a tiny electrical stimulation device that attaches by Velcro to your forearm.

Now, sensory electrical stimulation works by sending signals from your hand and arm up to your brain to help reroute the signals that have been detoured or blocked. This is known as neuroplasticity. It helps with improving signals to and from your hand and arm, and also “leveling out” the brain activity that has naturally transferred to the unaffected side of your brain, and helps pull the electrical signals back to the affected side of your brain where they belong.

The SaeboStim Micro was designed with two programs – the P1 program one for the daytime and the P2 program for while you sleep. Research shows that you should wear our SaeboStim Micro at least 2x/day for 30 minutes, once in the morning and once in the evening. For example, you could wear it while eating breakfast and while watching a TV show at night. Pretty easy, right?

But, if you don’t want to wear it during the day, you can also wear it while you sleep with the 8-hour program giving you stimulation until you rise in the morning. Or, for maximal benefit, you can choose to wear it during the day and night. It just depends on what you want.

Using SaeboStretch Resting Hand Splint with SaeboStim Micro to Maximize Recovery

SaeboStim Micro electrical stimulation machine paired with SaeboStretch resting hand splint on a person's arm

The more you do for your recovery, the more results you’ll see. But we also know that life can get in the way of our goals. Many of our customers have reported great results when they combine the SaeboStretch and the SaeboStim Micro. By combining the prolonged stretching of the resting hand splint and the rewiring of the brain by the electrical stimulation machine, you’re thinking like a clinician – two evidence-based approaches at the same time. Whether you’re carrying on with daily life during the day or dreaming during the night you can get your most efficient recovery combining the SaeboStretch and SaeboStim Micro.

If you are struggling with wearing both products at the same time, you can wear them separately. For example, you could wear the SaeboStretch at night and the SaeboStim Micro during the day. Nevertheless, you are working on two different areas of recovery and increasing your potential for a great recovery!

Combining the SaeboStretch and the SaeboStim Micro is like a 1-2 combo to overcoming the barriers in your recovery.

For more information on our full line of innovative devices and how to combine them for efficient recovery, please take a look around our website. Also, please check out our Spasticity Kitfor another example of how to combine your SaeboStretch with active movement of your hand with our wireless wearable electrical muscle stimulation unit, the SaeboStim One. Because with Saebo, there is No Plateau in Sight.

testimonial image of the SaeboStretch resting hand splint

Customer testimonial of the SaeboStim Micro electrical stimulation machine

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