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Learn about a treatment option for adult upper limb spasticity. Learn More


A Guide to Electrical Stimulation Therapy for Stroke Patients

In simple terms, electrical stimulation is the sending of electrical impulses to generate a muscle contraction. This is usually done via surface electrodes stuck to the skin over the target...

Important Facts Of The First Stage Of Stroke Recovery

Every stroke is different, and every patient's stroke recovery experience is, too. Just as your symptoms depend on the severity of the stroke and treatment you received, your ability to...
SaeboStim Micro

The Importance of Electrical Stimulation Machines in Stroke Recovery

Following a neurological injury or disease, it is common for clients to experience impaired arm and hand function resulting in decreased sensation and/or strength. If the arm has limited use,...

Traditional & Innovative Treatments For Strokes

 Medical treatments save lives. Stroke victims who seek immediate treatment have the best chance to survive and eventually recover. But non-fatal strokes often have long-term debilitating consequences. Patients may require...
What recovers first after stroke

Which Recovers First After A Stroke, The Arm or The Leg?

 Which Recovers First After A Stroke - The Arm or The Leg? By Peter G Levine"Which comes back first after a stroke, the arm or the leg?" First-year OT and...

Neurorehabilitation; What Are Some of the Things We Know?

There is alot we still don’t know about what constitutes “best practice” when it comes to neurorehabilitation and how to affect optimal recovery and outcomes, but there are some things...

How Effective is Botox in Improving UE Function?

Muscle spasticity is a negative symptom which can occur following a central nervous system disorder (Kinnear, 2012). The use of Botulinum Toxin Type A (BTX-A), commonly referred to as Botox,...
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