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Benefits of Neurological Rehab Devices

Benefits of Neurological Rehab Devices

Stroke survivors will undoubtedly face a variety of hardships after a stroke event — physical impairments, emotional difficulties, mental disabilities — not to mention a heightened risk of a second...

Vision Problems After Stroke: Understanding & Overcoming Them

  People often think of a stroke as having a profound effect on a victim's motor functions—and it does. However, did you know that as many as two-thirds of stroke...

Reclaim Your Reach With Shoulder Exercises For Stroke Recovery

Recovering your arm and shoulder movement after a stroke can be challenging. If you can't easily grasp and release objects, move your arms forward, or use your arms to support...
Exercises to Help Fix Curled Toe After Stroke

Exercises to Help Fix Curled Toes After Stroke

Strokes take a huge toll on the human body. They can cause anything from paralysis and speech loss to blurry vision, fatigue, and loss of mobility. Sadly, there is almost...
35 Fun Rehab Activities for Stroke Patients, Rehab for Stroke, Stroke Rehabilitation, Rehab After a Stroke, Rehabilitation for Stroke Patients, Outpatient Stroke Rehabilitation, Rehab After Stroke, Rehabilitation After Stroke

35 Fun Rehab Activities for Stroke Patients

After suffering a stroke, many survivors find themselves with some loss of physical function. While much of this is due to brain damage from the stroke itself, there are additional...
Balance Exercises After Stroke, 5 Best Sitting Balance Exercises After Stroke

5 Best Sitting Balance Exercises for Stroke Patients (With Videos)

Learning how to sit up is one of the first major milestones in a person’s life. Unfortunately, after suffering a stroke, many survivors find themselves unable to sit up or...
Exercise After Stroke, Why You Should Exercise After Stroke

Why You Should Exercise After Stroke

Everyone knows that exercise is good for their health, and for stroke survivors it is no different.  After suffering a stroke, survivors may face numerous barriers to becoming physically active...
Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy After Stroke-blog

Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy After Stroke

When a stroke causes a person to lose the use of one of their limbs, they can easily get frustrated, stop trying to use it at all, and start relying...
How Fun Activities Help Stroke Rehabilitation-blog

How Fun Activities Help Stroke Rehabilitation

There are a number of ties between physical activity and reduced risk for stroke. Studies have shown that individuals who remain physically active as they get older are between 25...

Stroke Rehab Exercises: Passive Vs. Active

  After a stroke is over, its survivor is not in the clear. A stroke leads to neurological damage that affects the motor system, making limbs weak and limiting movements....

Use it or Lose it: The Importance of Cortical Plasticity in Stroke Rehabilitation

 Those who have survived a stroke may experience neurological damage that leads to deficiencies in their sensory and motor systems, such as limited use in their hands and/or arms. This...

Reclaim Your Stability With Core Exercises For Stroke Recovery

After a stroke, many patients struggle with poor control and strength in the muscles on one side of the body. While the focus of recovery is often on the limbs...
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