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A Timeline of Stroke Recovery

As a patient recovers from a stroke, both they and their caregivers must understand that the process is slow and uncertain. This is because the severity of the stroke can...
SaeboGlove with Benefits of Rehab text

Benefits of Rehabilitation Gloves and Hand Splints For Stroke Recovery

Stroke is among the top three causes of death in the United States, but nothing comes close to stroke as the leading cause of long-term disability. After patients survive a...
17  Ways To Help Stroke Survivors Recover Faster

17 Ways To Help Stroke Survivors Recover Faster

If you or a loved one has suffered from a stroke, there are many difficulties that can develop as a result. Primarily, these effects are physical, emotional, and cognitive. Below,...
The First 24 Hours After Stroke What to Do

The First 24 Hrs After Stroke, What To Do  

Considering that strokes rank as one of the top three causes of death in the United States, any signs or symptoms should be taken seriously and cared for immediately. Just...
Brain Surgery After a Stroke, Brain Surgery After Stroke

Brain Surgery After a Stroke

For those who have suffered from a stroke, brain surgery is a viable option to improve the quality and longevity of their lives. No matter what the surgery may be,...
Obesity and Risk Factors for Stroke, Stroke Obesity, Obesity Stroke

Obesity and Risk Factors for Stroke

Just as smoking a cigarette can increase your chances of having lung cancer, being overweight can greatly increase your chances of having a stroke. Because of excess fat in the...
Guidelines to Flying After Stroke, Flying After a Stroke, Fly Stroke

Stroke After Surgery, Everything To Be Aware Of

Without a doubt, surgeries following serious health issues have shown major results in improving a survivor’s quality of life. For those who suffer from heart conditions, forms of cancer, and...
The Benefits of Speech Language Therapy for Stroke Patients, Speech and Language Therapy

The Benefits of Speech Language Therapy for Stroke Patients

A stroke is one of the most catastrophic experiences an individual can undergo. Strokes often cause temporary or permanent paralysis on one side of the body. Balance, memory, speech, cognition,...

Game On: How Video Games Can Assist With Stroke Recovery

Stroke patients often face an unfortunate reality—80 percent of them will not regain full use of their arm and hand movements. Strokes are one of the most common causes of...

A Simplified Guide to Occupational Therapy for Strokes

Occupational therapy is an essential step along the road to recovery after a stroke. Patients who lose the capacity to perform daily tasks, such as the ability to maintain balance,...
Stroke Recovery Problems & Solutions blog

Stroke Recovery: Problems and Solutions

 There is a lot of frustration among stroke survivors about “the system" when it comes to stroke recovery and rehab efforts after stroke. Most of the complaints revolve around three...
Stroke Rehab Vs. Recovery

Stroke Rehab vs. Stroke Recovery

By Peter G LevineFirst, let’s distinguish the differences between stroke rehab and stroke recovery because they are two distinct terms. Stroke Rehab... requires a rehab clinician. falls under the rules of managed...
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