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Important Facts Of The First Stage Of Stroke Recovery

Every stroke is different, and every patient's stroke recovery experience is, too. Just as your symptoms depend on the severity of the stroke and treatment you received, your ability to...
Benefits of Cortical Priming for Stroke Rehab-blog

Benefits of Cortical Priming for Stroke Rehabilitation

  After someone suffers a stroke, there are several conditions that need attention. One of these is impaired motor function, or the loss of movement or use of a particular...

Game On: How Video Games Can Assist With Stroke Recovery

Stroke patients often face an unfortunate reality—80 percent of them will not regain full use of their arm and hand movements. Strokes are one of the most common causes of...

Traditional & Innovative Treatments For Strokes

 Medical treatments save lives. Stroke victims who seek immediate treatment have the best chance to survive and eventually recover. But non-fatal strokes often have long-term debilitating consequences. Patients may require...
How Good Stroke Survivors Help All Stroke Survivors

How "Good" Stroke Survivors Help All Stroke Survivors

 How "Good" Stroke Survivors Help All Stroke Survivors By Peter G LevineWhen physical and occupational therapists read stroke-specific clinical research, they are often skeptical. One of the main reasons for therapists...
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