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How to Prevent or Minimize the Plateau Phase After a Stroke

How to Prevent or Minimize the Plateau Phase After a Stroke

The stroke rehabilitation process throughout the first several months of stroke recovery can be intense, with dramatic inclines and declines in progress that can encourage and depress survivors. Weakness and...
Pseudobulbar Affect - Not All Crying After Stroke Is Depression

Pseudobulbar Affect - Not All Crying After Stroke Is Depression

Among stroke survivors, feelings of depression and sadness are unfortunately common. The body has experienced acute changes both physically and mentally, and certain emotional responses may be triggered as a...
Guidelines to Flying After Stroke, Flying After a Stroke, Fly Stroke

Guidelines To Flying After A Stroke

After suffering from a stroke, it is likely that a survivor will have limited activity. Issues with daily routines and general mobility are common, but one of the most difficult...
Thinking and Memory After the Stroke

Thinking and Memory Loss After Stroke

Whether you’re awake or asleep, your brain is continuously active. Vast amounts of information—thoughts, moments, feelings, etc.—are sent to your brain, where they are filtered and stored, and it’s important...
Signs Your Loved One Is Recovering from Stroke, Stroke Recovery Symptoms, Stroke Victims Recovery Process, Recover from a Stroke, Recovery from Stroke, Post Stroke Recovery, How to Recover from a Stroke, Stroke Recovery Process

Signs Your Loved One is Recovering From Stroke

A stroke—no matter how severe—can be devastating. Not only does it have the potential to cause damage physically and mentally, but the recovery process can be equally as difficult to...
Stroke Questions, Questions About Stroke, Most Common Stroke Questions Answered

The Most Common Stroke Questions, Answered

A stroke can be a serious and frightening medical emergency that has a huge impact on both stroke patients and their families. Strokes are life-changing events, but many stroke patients...
The Best Apps to Help With Stroke Recovery, Stroke Recovery App

The Best Apps to Help With Stroke Recovery

Recovering after a stroke requires hard work from the survivor and their caretakers. Though this can be intimidating, there is good news: with new technology in apps, patients have more...
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