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Learn about a treatment option for adult upper limb spasticity. Learn More

Brain Surgery After a Stroke, Brain Surgery After Stroke

Brain Surgery After a Stroke

For those who have suffered from a stroke, brain surgery is a viable option to improve the quality and longevity of their lives. No matter what the surgery may be,...
Questions to ask your occupational therapist

Questions To Ask Your Occupational Therapist

This guest post was provided to us by Hoang Tran from Hands On TherapySo maybe you have had an injury to your body such as a broken bone or surgery,...

Clinical Examination of the Painful Hemiplegic Shoulder

Successful clinical outcomes are typically the result of the therapist’s ability to perform a thorough and accurate examination.

De-icing the Mystery Behind Hemiplegic Frozen Shoulder

If you have attended a Saebo course in the past, you most likely have heard the comment “it is the hand that guides the arm”.

An Orthopedic Approach to the Hemiparetic Upper Limb: Understanding the Biomechanics and Pathoanatomy of the Shoulder.

Before I co-founded Saebo, I was a practicing occupational therapist specializing in non-operative orthopedic medicine and manual therapy of the upper quadrant.
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