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Gaining a Functional Hand after a Stroke

Gaining a Functional Hand after a Stroke

Currently, there are more than 6 million stroke survivors in the United States. Unfortunately, approximately 80 percent of stroke survivors experience some type of motor deficit as a result of...
25 Hand Exercises For Stroke Recovery

25 Hand Exercises For Stroke Recovery

Reclaim Your Dexterity by Exercising Your Hand If you’ve suffered a stroke, learning how to perform basic daily tasks, such as eating or getting dressed, can feel like an overwhelming...
Exercise #1 Inner Arm Stretch - Arm & Elbow Exercises for Stroke Recovery Survivors & Patients at Home

8 Arm Exercises For Stroke Recovery You Can Do At Home

A stroke can often rob a patient of arm movement, making it difficult to perform simple tasks like moving the arm forward or grasping and releasing objects. Performing basic exercises...
The Brunnstrom Stages of Stroke Recovery

The Brunnstrom Stages of Stroke Recovery

Life after a stroke can be challenging. Many patients wonder if they will ever fully recover their muscle coordination, or how long or difficult the process of recovery may be....
SaeboGlove with Benefits of Rehab text

Benefits of Rehabilitation Gloves and Hand Splints For Stroke Recovery

Stroke is among the top three causes of death in the United States, but nothing comes close to stroke as the leading cause of long-term disability. After patients survive a...
Intensive 2-Day Stroke Boot Camp Now Available

Intensive 2-Day Stroke Boot Camp Now Available

Offered by Saebo’s co-founder, Henry Hoffman, as well as occupational therapists specializing in neurorehabilitation, the Stroke Arm and Hand Clinic provides an intensive, 2-day upper extremity treatment program for patients...

Reclaim Your Reach With Shoulder Exercises For Stroke Recovery

Recovering your arm and shoulder movement after a stroke can be challenging. If you can't easily grasp and release objects, move your arms forward, or use your arms to support...

Hand Splints and Contracture: What Occupational Therapists Need to Know

Suffering a stroke is debilitating and scary, and survivors are often affected much longer than the stroke itself actually lasts. Many patients experience spasticity and contracture during their stroke recovery...

Saebo Celebrates 15 Years and Over 250,000 Patients Served

World-renowned stroke rehabilitation company, Saebo, Inc. celebrates their 15-year anniversary this month. CHARLOTTE, N.C. – September 15, 2017 –  Fifteen years ago, two occupational therapists united with one simple, powerful...
Saebomas, Dynamic Arm Support

The Importance of Dynamic Arm Support in Stroke Rehabilitation

Following a neurological or orthopedic injury, it is common for patients to experience impaired arm and hand function resulting in decreased strength, coordination, and range of motion. Patients are often...
Gravity Stroke-Recovery

Gravity: Stroke Recovery's Worst Enemy

Stroke is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, but when stroke doesn't claim lives, it changes them forever. Loss of blood – and, therefore, oxygen...
What recovers first after stroke

Which Recovers First After A Stroke, The Arm or The Leg?

 Which Recovers First After A Stroke - The Arm or The Leg? By Peter G Levine"Which comes back first after a stroke, the arm or the leg?" First-year OT and...
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