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Neurorehabilitation; What Are Some of the Things We Know?

There is alot we still don’t know about what constitutes “best practice” when it comes to neurorehabilitation and how to affect optimal recovery and outcomes, but there are some things...

Stroke, Not So Old...

Social Issue According to the American Heart Association (AHA, 2013) stroke can occur at any age however recent studies indicate that over the past 15 years there has been an...

Bridging the Gap to Evidence Based Neurorehabilitation Practice

The term “evidence based practice” is now ingrained in our clinical knowledge and discussions though there still remains a gap between knowledge and actual implementation of evidence based interventions.  Much...

How Effective is Botox in Improving UE Function?

Muscle spasticity is a negative symptom which can occur following a central nervous system disorder (Kinnear, 2012). The use of Botulinum Toxin Type A (BTX-A), commonly referred to as Botox,...

Good News; Healthcare Reform and Changes in Medicare

As clinicians, our ability to provide therapy services to clients is influenced by federal laws and regulations, administrative laws from agencies, and sometimes case law. It becomes challenging to keep...

"Saebo products are my favorite tool when working with patients who have had a stroke"

I love that Saebo products use the principles of neuroplasticity to provide concrete mass practice exercises that increase patient compliance with an affected extremity.

Is What You're Doing Working? How Do You Know?

As many of you are already aware, those billing to Medicare for therapy coverage now have to report functional outcome data for clients in the form of new non-payable G...

April is OT Month! Saebo Supports the AOTA Centennial Vision.

The AOTA Centennial Vision In celebration of April being OT month, it seems appropriate to discuss AOTA’s Centennial Vision (CV) for the profession. Many will already be familiar with the...

New Acronyms in the Neurorehabilitation Literature; What Do They Mean?

For those working in upper extremity (UE) neurorehabilitation, the acronyms CIMT (constraint induced movement therapy) and mCIMT (modified constraint induced movement therapy) are now very familiar. CIMT is an intervention...
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